Shun Shima 4Pc Steak Set
Shun Shima 4Pc Steak Set
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Shun Shima 4Pc Steak Set

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Shun named its Shima Steak Knife Set for Tokyoǽƒ?ªƒ?½s famous Shima Steakhouse, where diners from all over the world enjoy some of the worldǽƒ?ªƒ?½s finest beef. Inspired by Shima, Shun created a steak knife that can make even the worldǽƒ?ªƒ?½s best steak taste better. Hereǽƒ?ªƒ?½s why the right steak knife makes a difference:

Much of the delicious flavor in steak is contained in its juices, which are held inside by the fibers of the meat. Cutting with Shimaǽƒ?ªƒ?½s razor-sharp 16Ç?¶ø edge means that far fewer meat fibers are cut with each slice, so that more of the juices and more of the flavor remain exactly where they belongǽƒ?ªƒ?�in the steak.

Shimaǽƒ?ªƒ?½s long five-inch blade with its slight recurve is designed for easy, one-pass slicing. Place Shimaǽƒ?ªƒ?½s blade flat against any surface and youǽƒ?ªƒ?½ll see that the blade only touches the surface near the tip and at the heel. The rest of the blade is curved slightly inward. This shape is designed to ensure a smooth slice, whether pushing the blade forward or pulling it back. If the blade were flat, it would simply crush the steak, forcing you to ǽƒ?ª�?sawǽƒ?ª¶� through the meat. With the recurve, you start the slice at the front of the blade and push forward or pull back through the entire length of the blade. The edge contacts the meat at a slight angle and has a smaller point of initial contact, making it much easier to slice the foodǽƒ?ªƒ?�without the resistance and ǽƒ?ª�?crushingǽƒ?ª¶� experienced with a blade that doesnǽƒ?ªƒ?½t have the recurve. The Shimaǽƒ?ªƒ?½s recurved blade is also useful when cutting on a plate that has a lip. The shape enables the user to continue their slice all the way to the edge of the plate.

Shimaǽƒ?ªƒ?½s full-tang construction makes it an exceptionally well-balanced knife. The handle is slim, contoured to fit the hand, and tapers as it nears the blade. This enables a slight pinch grip for comfortable control. The slim, flat handle provides lateral stability, ensuring that the knife wonǽƒ?ªƒ?½t rotate or twist in your hand. The combination of the slim handle and gentle contouring provides easy, nearly effortless control while dining. The PakkaWood handle scales, made of genuine hardwood and impregnated with resin, are beautiful, water resistant, and wonǽƒ?ªƒ?½t harbor bacteria. As a finishing touch, Shima handles are decorated with inlaid steel rondels.
A razor-sharp edge and recurved blade make cutting effortless, keeps juices in the meat
Hand-sharpened 16Ç?¶ø double-bevel blade (32Ç?¶ø comprehensive)
Steel: High-carbon AUS8A Japanese stainless steel
Handle: Ebony PakkaWoodÇ?¶© with inlaid rondels
Blade length: 5 in. (12.7 cm)
Handcrafted in Japan