Bon Vivant! Caribbean BBQ Sauce
Bon Vivant! Caribbean BBQ Sauce
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Bon Vivant! Caribbean BBQ Sauce

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Caribbean: the Secret in the Sauce
What can you say about the Caribbean? We tried to €«’’?¶¦Ǔ?pirate€«’’?¶¦’’?¶« the warmth and flavour of the Caribbean air, and this is what we came up with. Our Caribbean sauce is a distinct melange of carefully-selected Caribbean spices blended to crate a well-charged tropically infused sauce. You may not be able to relax in the Caribbean this weekend, but your taste buds don€«’’?¶¦’’?¶«t have to know it.

As they say in Jamaica, Mek wi nyam! €«’’?¶¦’’?‹¨« Let€«’’?¶¦’’?¶«s eat!

Caribbean Pairings
Break out the Caribbean sauce for chicken, pork, steaks, burgers, sausages, ribs, and salmon. It also makes a great base for soups as well as a flavourful dipping sauce.