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Jealous Devil Onyx - Binchotan Charcoal 10lbs
Jealous Devil Onyx - Binchotan Charcoal 10lbs

Jealous Devil Onyx - Binchotan Charcoal 10lbs


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Binchotan's unparalleled purity, power, and performance make it the rarest and most coveted hardwood lump charcoal in the world. It was developed in 17th-century Japan by master craftsmen who passed the secrets of its incredibly demanding production methods from generation to generation.

Why it's different

Binchotan is reusable. Extinguish it with water, let it dry, and then relight it with no significant loss in structure or performance. Binchotan's uniquely hot burn produces FIR (far infrared) heat. This heat fully penetrates food for perfectly even cooking from the inside out, and seals the surface to lock in natural flavors. Binchotan's long, even, smooth burn is completely smokeless, preserving the taste of food and providing exceptional control over flavor profiles.

  • Binchotan burns hotter, longer and cleaner than any briquette or lump charcoal on the planet!
  • Extreme efficiency allowing hours of burn time (at twice the temperature of briquettes!)
  • Huge, industry-leading lump sizes for maximum performance