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David's Turkey Brining Spice
David's Turkey Brining Spice
David's Turkey Brining Spice
David's Turkey Brining Spice

David's Turkey Brining Spice


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Elevate your next holiday Turkey dinner by brining your turkey with this premium Turkey Brine Spice blend.

Ingredients: sea salt, cane sugar, cranberries, vanilla, apple, allspice, black pepper, garlic, orange, bay leaves, sage, herbs de Provence (oregano, rosemary, savory, thyme), onion, rosemary, thyme

454 Grams

  • THANKSGIVING – If you are questioning if you should brine your turkey this Thanksgiving, the answer is always YES! Turkey Brining Spice makes a world of a difference and is worth the time to allow the turkey to absorb extra moisture and salt to break down some of the turkeys proteins making it more tender. Not only will you be delighted but your guests will be extremely satisfied.
  • THE PROCESS – Are you tired of plain old dry turkey? If properly brined it will stay juicy even if you overshoot the cooking a little! Only brine turkeys that have NOT been pre-salted. Once out of the brine, pat dry and rub with your desired spices (although you can skip the salt), and cook!
  • BRINING – To get the most out of the Turkey Brining Spice it is best to let it marinade. Place the turkey in the fridge with the Turkey Brining Spice mixed with warm water for a minimum of 12 hours completely submerged. For crispier skin, let it dry for another 24 hours in the fridge before cooking. Keeping the turkey juicy and delicious isn’t that hard after all, just remember to check the turkey early!
  • IMPROVED DINING – Marinating your Turkey in Turkey Brining Spice is only going to improve your holiday dinner. Turkey Brining Spice will season the turkey all the way through, resulting in craveworthy flavour. You will find the bird to be plump and locked with moisture for a tender, juicy, and delicious meal.
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