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FLAMERS ™ All Natural Firelighters - Trail Size 3 Pack


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Our background

Flamers were discovered by us in 2010 when we visited a wood burning show in Europe. We were so impressed with the product that we thought it was perfect to sell alongside our main brand of Certainly Wood’s kiln dried logs and kindling. It seemed to fit so well with the Certainly Wood brand and its values, being produced by a family business, like ours and a natural product, like ours. Presenting it to our existing log and kindling customers was easy as they all felt the same way and the immediate reaction was the same as ours – The product looks great, is nicely packaged and works really well and most importantly, does not have that nasty paraffin smell of most standard firelighters.

Initially the product was packed in Europe under our own Flamers brand, but last year we set up production here in Hereford and British made Flamers Firelighters began. We now have great production facilities with significant capacity to increase output although we already produce nearly 5 million Flamers.

The brand

Whilst sharing the same ethos and values as Certainly Wood we decided to give the brand a make-over and decided to make it fun having seen that generally firelighters are not regarded as a particularly exciting product, but Flamers certainly are! Freddie Flamer was created very recently and brings the brand to life and he can be seen promoting the product for both winter and summer burning.

The product

Flamers natural firelighters are made from natural, renewable, untreated wood shavings, dipped in a refined paraffin wax. There is now a range of products with the standard pack being the 24 pack which most people start with although we do also have a mini trial pack which contains 3 flamers. This is used by retailers to encourage users to try the product. We then have the larger 50 pack and we have recently launched the much larger 200 pack which is proving popular with the regular user.