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Haupy's Beaver Rub - Original
Haupy's Beaver Rub - Original

Haupy's Beaver Rub - Original


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Legend has it that Beaver Steaks sustained the Mighty Voyageurs throughout their exploration of Canada. After years of this food, boiled bland beaver became boring!

One day a stranger appeared at the edge of the lake in a canoe. As the Voyageurs were having their supper of boiled beaver meat, the stranger lit a fire upwind from their camp. Unable to contain themselves, the Voyageurs approached the stranger at his camp and watched from the bushes. There was the stranger with a curious apparatus (a Bar-B-Q!) preparing his meal.

Soon the stranger produced, from his satchel, a magical blend of herbs and spices. He sprinkled and rubbed them onto his beaver steaks. He put the meat on his Bar-B-Q and soon there were delicious smells wafting down towards the Voyageurs. “Sacre Bleu!” they cried to themselves. As the stranger was eating his Beaver Steaks, the Voyageurs summoned the courage to approach him. The stranger was not startled by their presence as he had noticed them long ago. “Want a bite?” the stranger asked. Unable to comprehend this, the uncivilized Voyageurs merely grunted and scratched themselves. The stranger held out a piece of meat towards them. Soon, the bravest of the smelly Voyageurs came forward and snatched the beaver meat from the stranger and gulped it down! The man’s eyes widened ... a look of amazement came upon his face. “C’est Magnifique!” he proclaimed.

Quickly the others rushed forth to taste the beaver morsels the stranger was now handing out. “C’mon... there’s enough for everyone” he said. Soon the Voyageurs were happily eating the finest beaver meat they had ever tasted! There was much drinking and merriment. The men became friends and the stranger shared his secret seasoning with the Voyageurs. "I call it Beaver Rub, eh!" he said. The Voyageurs smiled and nodded ... they did not understand him, but, they did understand that they would never have to eat boiled bland beaver again!

Thankfully we now have "Haupy’s Beaver Rub" Seasoning. Its perfect for beaver meat but also excellent on steaks, chicken or pork. Use it as a rub on any meat! Its also very tasty in soups or sauces, on eggs, in marinades, etc... Just use your imagination. It's Dam Good!

Ingredients (in no particular order): spices, salt, herbs, garlic; naturally occurring sulphites.

Allergens: no CFIA listed allergens.

Features: irradiated spices, no artificial colours, no artificial flavours, no MSG, HPP, AYE, soy sauce; trans fat free, vegan, low sodium, made without gluten ingredients.

Sensitizers: garlic.