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Haupy's Moose Rub - Maplesque
Haupy's Moose Rub - Maplesque

Haupy's Moose Rub - Maplesque


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Legend has it that the Mighty Moose sustained Prospectors during the Klondike Gold Rush of 1896. Salted Moose was common during this time but soon the men tired of it.

Several miners were having their Moose steak dinner one evening at their camp. The grumbling soon started regarding the bland, salty taste of the Moosemeat. “This Moose is harder and harder to get down!” cried one of the men. They all agreed; the moose morsels tasted mostly like moccasins.

Just then, a stranger appeared at their camp. The well dressed man seemed out of place. Without saying a word, he reached into his rucksack and pulled out a puck-like container and handed it to the camp cook. The cook opened the object, smelled the spicy ingredients and immediately knew what to do! He sprinkled and rubbed the seasonings onto the Moose steaks and served them up to the men. “My God, this is incredible!” they exclaimed. “You have saved us from monotonous Moosemeat!”

The stranger smiled. He knew that what he had was delicious! Soon they were all chowing down on the most magnificent moosemeat they had ever masticated! There was much drinking and merriment. The men became friends and the stranger shared his secret seasoning with the Miners. “I call it the Moose Rub, eh!” he said in a strange exotic accent. The men smiled and nodded. “Thank you!” They all raised a glass and toasted the stranger.

Thankfully we now have “Haupy's Moose Rub”. Perfect for Moosemeat and also excellent on any other creature! Just use your imagination ... It's Darn Good!

Ingredients (in no particular order): spices, brown sugar, salt, mustard, garlic, silicon dioxide (anti-caking agent), onion, canola oil, herbs, maple flavour; naturally occurring sulphites, mustard.

Allergens: no CFIA listed allergens.

Features: irradiated spices, no artificial colours, no artificial flavours, no MSG, HPP, AYE, soy sauce; trans fat free, vegan, low sodium, made without gluten ingredients.

Sensitizers: garlic, onion.