Island Grill Stone Square
Island Grill Stone Square
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Island Grill Stone Square

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The Island Grillstone opens the doors to the past, enabling everyday grillers and barbecue fanatics to experience the benefits of stone grilling.

Steeped in tradition and history, Island Grillstone is an innovative barbecue accessory made of naturally porous volcanic rock cut to fit most barbeques. Its unique properties allow The Island Grillstone to hold the natural flavor, moisture and nutrients in the food, while preventing flare-ups that cause charring. Our most popular model, the Square Island Grillstone, is favored for its ability to fit on most grills and barbecues. Quarried out of volcanic rock and shipped straight to your door, the Square Island Grillstone is ready to make you a master chef.

50 prawns, or 10 chicken breasts, or 100 asparagus