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Napoleon JETFIRE™ Burner Brush Maintenance Kit
Napoleon JETFIRE™ Burner Brush Maintenance Kit

Napoleon Jetfire Burner Brush & Maintenance Kit


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It's easy to keep your Napoleon Grill working efficiently and starting reliably by performing regular maintenance, which includes cleaning the JETFIRE™ Ignition and burner ports by using this maintenance kit. Use the brush to clean the electrode tip, and inside the pilot bracket on the JETFIRE™ Ignition. The drill bit is for clearing clogged burner ports on our stainless steel burners. Gently, using a small cordless drill, use this tool to remove any debris blocking ports, being careful not to flex the bit.

  • Cleans Burner Tubes 
  • Includes Drill Bit 
  • Prevents Blockage and Flare-Ups 
  • Stiff Nylon Bristles


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