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Taking Your Outdoor Cooking to the Next Level: Accessories for Your Napoleon BBQ

Taking Your Outdoor Cooking to the Next Level: Accessories for Your Napoleon BBQ

  • June 21, 2023

Outdoor cooking is fun and exciting, and the right grill will allow you to try different flavours and recipes. If you have a Napoleon BBQ, there are tons of accessories you can purchase to take your outdoor cooking to the next level, and the following are some of the most popular products you can consider:

Napoleon 69100 Heavy Duty Rotisserie Kit W/ Motor & Light

Rotisserie grilled meals are delicious because they are both succulent and juicy. This kit will help you make restaurant-quality meals in your very own backyard, and the large stainless steel square rod with a heavy-duty motor can withstand any task you want to throw its way. The meat forks will hold your food in place, and you can rely on this product which is commercial quality. If you're planning on cooking for a large crowd, a counterweight assembly will allow you to do this. 

Napoleon 70001 PRO Pizza Stone With Pizza Wheel

Do you want to make your own pizzas at home? This set will allow you to do this easily and includes both the pizza stone and pizza wheel. The stone has a porous surface to pull moisture away from the pizza crust, and you will enjoy a crispy crust every time. You can also use this kit to make bread and cookies, and the stone will season over time, making it more effective. 

Napoleon Cast Iron Charcoal & Smoker Tray for All Grills (Except 308 Series) 67732

You can easily turn your favourite Napoleon gas grill into a charcoal grill and smoker to achieve a different flavour. This tray is easy to use and can be placed directly onto the gas burners, after which you must add a single layer of charcoal to the cast iron tray, then turn on the gas burners and replace the cooking grids. Give your charcoal time to ignite and ash over before turning off the gas burners, and once the charcoal is ready, you're ready to cook! You can use wood chunks directly in the charcoal to achieve a smoky barbecue flavour, or you can use the integrated and covered wood chip holder for soaked or unsoaked wood chips.

Napoleon 71500 Stainless Steel Grilling Rack

This accessory is custom engineered to provide holders for cooking different appetizers, seafood, chicken legs and bread. This grilling rack will provide you with flexibility and is made from premium, heavy-gauge stainless steel. 

Are Accessories Worth Investing In?

Napoleon accessories are both multifunctional and easy to maintain, and every customer will benefit from the addition of any one of these accessories. Napoleon bbq accessories are clever and innovative, and you will be able to create delicious meals right at home. Many of these accessories are creative enough to help broaden your cooking abilities, and you will not feel disappointed with your purchase. 


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