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The Different Series of Weber BBQ: Finding the Right Model for Your Needs

The Different Series of Weber BBQ: Finding the Right Model for Your Needs

  • June 21, 2023

When shopping for a Weber BBQ, you will come across different options, including gas, electric and charcoal ranges. You will have to determine how you want your food to be cooked, after which you can look into the different models.

Weber Charcoal BBQs

Weber Master-Touch Series

The Master Touch GBS Premium Charcoal Barbecue comes with the 3 in 1 capability of barbecuing, grilling and smoking. If you are looking for a BBQ that does it all, this may be it! A GBS sear grate is included, which means you can enjoy sizzling steaks and delicious roast chicken. If you like the control and quality expected from gas, along with the smoky flavour you get from charcoal, you will enjoy this BBQ. 

Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker Series

If you are looking for a smaller BBQ that is portable, this is a great option because it is large enough to barbecue an entire roast but compact enough to fit in the trunk of your car. Don’t let its size fool you because this barbecue is capable of many things and includes an internally suspended water pan that functions as a heat regulator and a moisture generator. You will enjoy slowly cooked and juicy meat every time and can keep the temperature in the smoke zone for hours. This model is available in different sizes and is perfect for those who want to take their barbecue with them on the go!

Weber Gas Grill BBQs

Weber Genesis 2 Series 

This BBQ offers quality design, technology and superior quality. The Genesis 2 Series E-315 GBS gas barbecue contains three powerful burners that will ignite every time, and this grill can do everything you want! If you want to cook sausages, burgers, vegetables or other foods all at the same time, this is the perfect choice because there's plenty of room, and if you want to be the ultimate host, this BBQ is for you! 

Weber Spirit Classic E-220 Gas BBQ

If you are looking for easy usage and efficient barbecuing, this is the perfect BBQ. You will also enjoy the side burner, which will allow you to make gravies and sauces. This particular model has two burners which means you can cook direct or indirect across the two heat sources. You will also enjoy the unique flavourizer bars, which can produce steam and smoke from food juices to create that perfect barbecue flavour.

Weber Electric BBQs

Pulse 1000 Barbecue

This barbecue is ideal for those who live on a balcony or for those who are unable to use smoke or flames to cook food. While there is less space on the grill compared to other models, there is still enough room on the grill to feed your family all at once. It will have to be plugged into an electrical outlet. 


Are you looking for the perfect BBQ? The experts at Luxe Barbeque Company will help you select the right model for your needs. From Weber portable BBQs to Weber kettle and charcoal BBQs, we have them all and will help you make informed decisions.

Browse through our barbecue options today or call 204-888-5893 to start eating delicious meals all summer long!

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